IT Support in Pasadena: How to Remove Viruses from Dell Laptops

IT Support in Pasadena: How to Remove Viruses from Dell Laptops

Do you own a Dell laptop that is not working as efficiently as it did in years past? If your Dell laptop is slow or if it is plagued with pop-ups, there is a chance it has a virus. Every type of virus is reason for worry, regardless of whether it is spyware, malware, ransomware, or another threat. Here are tips shared by our IT support experts in Pasadena on how to remove the virus from your Dell laptop.

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How to Remove a Virus from a Dell Laptop

The majority of Dell laptops have antivirus software already installed. However, there is a chance it is not activated. Be sure the antivirus software is activated prior to following the steps detailed below. Our IT support experts in Pasadena recommend starting off by entering Safe Mode. Hold the Shift key down, click the Start menu and restart the system. Click Troubleshoot on from the menu options. Click “Advanced Options”, “Startup Settings” and “Restart.” Once the laptop restarts, click “Safe Mode” and wireless access will be blocked.

Now that Safe Mode is activated, it is time to delete temporary files. This is accomplished by clicking the Start menu and searching the computer for Disk Cleanup. Scroll through the file list after the search disk loads to delete/select temporary files. Click OK and the temporary files will be deleted, ultimately helping the antivirus software work that much quicker. This action might even eliminate a virus that was hidden within the temporary files.

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Download the Antivirus Protection

It is now time to download the antivirus software. On-demand scanners empower you to initiate the scan. Real-time scanners scan computers for viruses while the machine is being used. Both types of antivirus software should be installed on the laptop as they maximize the chances of identifying digital threats.

Now that the antivirus software is operating, it is time to run the on-demand scanner followed by the real-time scanner. The majority of antivirus software removes viruses from Dell laptops automatically though a few might require manual removal.

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Now that the antivirus scan is done, it is time to reinstall programs that were previously damaged by the virus. The antivirus software’s guidelines will identify affected programs. You can avoid the same problem from occurring again by continuing to update your antivirus software, by backing up your files on a weekly basis, refraining from clicking pop-ups, and ignoring potentially virus-laden emails. Don’t forget to install Microsoft Windows software updates as time progresses.

Our IT support team in Pasadena is here to help you eliminate viruses from your Dell laptop and also solve the rest of your tech challenges. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions to schedule an initial consultation.