IT Support in Pasadena: Top Tech Trends to Be Excited and Be Careful About

IT Support in Pasadena: Top Tech Trends to Be Excited and Be Careful About

Those who pay attention to the dynamics of technology are enamored by the rate at which it changes. There is an argument to be made that tech changes so quickly that it is hindering our ability to understand it, adjust to those advancements and make the proper use of them. Below, our IT support team in Pasadena provides a quick look at tech to be excited about and also some tech concerns moving forward.

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Be Excited About the Digital Workplace

The days of commuting to a brick-and-mortar office are fading away for many employees. The shift to remote work through a digital workplace is now quite common. More employers will embrace this shift moving forward as it greatly reduces overhead costs. Tech improvements will only get that much better, facilitating digital work from any location in the years ahead.

Be Excited About 5G Technology

Super fast 5G wireless service makes it easy to transmit data from just about any location. 5G also makes it that much easier for remote workers to work from home, coffee shops, libraries, hotels, and airports. The speed of wireless internet will only continue to increase as we rapidly transition to a tech-centric society.

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Be Careful in Terms of Risk Management

If you own or manage a business, risk management should be at the forefront of your mind. Take some time to analyze your risk management mitigation strategies and solutions. Above all, contingency plans should be in place so you can pivot should a crisis unfold similar to the coronavirus pandemic, a natural disaster, etc. Prepare accordingly, and your team will be able to continue working, regardless of their location.

Be Careful When It Comes to Cyber Protections

The last thing your business needs is a cyber attack. Our IT support experts in Pasadena are here to help you prepare for the seemingly inevitable cyber attack. These attacks are dynamic, meaning they continue to change as time moves forward. Update your digital security, provide your employees with cybersecurity training, prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Keep in mind, cyber miscreants will come up with new ways to attack vulnerable employees working from home so be sure to extend digital protections to those remote locations.

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