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Do you think of your IT support Los Angeles company as simply someone to reach out to if you’re experiencing a problem with your hardware or network? If so, you could be missing out on some potential growth opportunities that could help your business become more successful in the upcoming year. Here are five ways you can drive new business growth in 2017 with the help of your IT services team:

Diversify Services

Is your business stuck in a rut with the types of products or services you offer? Though it’s one thing to specialize in an industry, it’s another to realize you’re missing the boat because you’re not capitalizing on new markets. Talk with your IT support Los Angeles team to get ideas on ways you could broaden your audience by diversifying your products or services.

Implement Automation

When you can free your team up by automating some of your business’s day-to-day activities, you gain valuable time that can go into sales, business development, or customer relations. Have you spoken with your IT provider about automation options? Perhaps instead of sending individual emails to new clients, you could incorporate an automated system. You might also be able to consider automating sales funnels or other lead-tracking endeavors.

Facilitate Flexibility

Have you ever wanted to offer work-from-home options or implement a remote workforce management plan to encourage millennials to come work for you or to make scheduling easier on your current team? With the technology that’s available today, your IT services team can easily help you come up with a system that will allow for more flexible working options. This will help you with the productivity and flexibility you need to grow.

Increase Cybersecurity

Experiencing a breach or malware attack can bring your business’s growth to a screeching halt. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for an event like this to happen to put preventative measures in place. A cybersecurity incident can cost you days of downtime and thousands of dollars. It can also cost you the valuable reputation you’re worked for years to build. Ask your IT team what proactive measures they are taking to protect your system, and if there is more you need to be doing to stay safe.

Incorporate New Trends

It’s easy for a business owner to develop tunnel vision and focus only on what they know. Unfortunately, you can often miss out on new trends when you narrowly focus on what you’ve always done. Are there new trends relating to your industry out there that you are unaware of? How could these be incorporated to increase sales? Chat with your IT provider about possible options and what it would take to make them part of your business.

Your IT support team in Los Angeles is not just a ‘fix’ for when your network goes wrong. Utilize their vast knowledge and expertise to identify new ways that your business can grow in 2017. They can help capitalize on trends, implement flexible working plans, and ensure that your company is not at risk for costly cyberattacks. DCG Technical Solutions can help you achieve business growth and more. If you’d like to know more about our company or have any technology-related questions, contact us today.