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While BlaskGUARD used to be optional, DCG Technical Solutions determined that, for several reasons, this vital technology must now be a baseline requirement for all DCG clients under management.

Without BlaskGUARD in place, your business is incredibly vulnerable. BlaskGUARD’s underlying technology performs a critical task that none of our other tools will do: Blocking and preventing malware, ransomeware, and spear-phishing schemes from “Phoning Home.” Cisco purchased that underlying technology because of its importance in providing high security for businesses. Further, BlaskGUARD is our go-to tool for business owners and their HR departments who want to know, and potentially document, if employees are wasting valuable company time on the Internet and visiting inappropriate sites. Finally, most business owners are being advised that they must pro-actively use some kind of web content filtering solution to block porn, hate, and other “HR sensitive” websites, because failure to do so brings major liability to the business owner.

When BlaskGUARD was optional, clients that opted out of the technology unfortunately experienced serious malware problems that the other tools aren’t equipped to deal with because there are literally hundreds of threats coming out per day. Employees (even CEOs) are getting phished on fake sites posing as major banks, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars in lost money transfers. Others inadvertently exposed their bank passwords which resulted in fraudulent transfers and charges. BlaskGUARD prevents such phishing attacks by preventing business owners and their employees from engaging in phony financial sites.

It is for these important reasons that we must provide this crucial protection at sites we manage.

We want clients to have BlaskGUARD at the lowest cost possible, so we provide the BlaskGUARD seats at our cost of $3.99/seat, on a month-to-month basis. DCG Technical Solutions is sensitive to the burden of this added cost, however after we put BlaskGUARD at 100% of our sites (2700+ end points), the number of support calls related to the aforementioned issues went to nearly zero. We are confident that you will benefit greatly by having fewer billable hours and downtime thanks to the elimination of these hazards.

Thank you.


Brent Whitfield, CEO
DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.