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An Award Winning IT Consulting Company

DCG has a reputation stretching back to 30+ years and 184+ clients with contracts in Los Angeles.

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Clients count on us to choose & deploy reliable technologies

Small businesses that require fast access to technical help, and believe in always-on IT infrastructure, count on DCG. We exist to help clients choose and deploy reliable technologies that achieve worry-free, “always-on” cloud and premise-based IT systems. Discover how our IT Consulting services can help protect your investment, solve business challenges, and stay focused on reinventing your business.

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We strongly believe in our core values

We can come in with the latest tools, better systems, better monitoring and give them a much better experience than they had with the old IT company. We’ll go in and train your people to do anything that you ask us to, and we’ll augment what they can do so that they can continue to do their job, and we help them do that job better.

Why choose us?

We will give you a better experience

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Why clients believe in DCG

There is a reason why our clients rely on us to manage their full technology lifecycle and execute their business vision 24*7.


Our team is always ON. No matter where you are, or what problem you are facing – our team will by your side faster than you can say ‘help’.


Most of our clients have experienced a 50% gain in performance and productivity points after engaging our services. But don’t take our word for it. Try us out!


We are the last word in IT Consulting Services in Los Angeles. No other consultants have the range of expertise and depth of experience to match the quality of our domain-specific strategic guidance in LA.


No need to toot our own horn. We provide the absolute, best in class, and most importantly, completely local talent that you rely on when you need the best hands on deck!


The number one reason why our clients keep renewing their contracts every year. They know exactly how much DCG helps them save in IT running costs and through strategic guidance and proactive predictive maintenance, monitoring, and security efforts.


We ramp up your security posture so much that you might need a new scale to measure performance. Rest assured that our highly valued strategic inputs would not only keep you ahead of hackers, but also upscale your entire staff to remain highly cognizant and vigilant about security.

Becoming a
National Company with
New Charter Technology

The technology world is continuously changing and evolving, and successful businesses will change and grow with it, or be left behind. As a successful businessman and forward thinker, Brent became aware that DCG needed to move to the national market to stay relevant and competitive. He explained, “I think every MSP needs to look at becoming a National Player. To survive, not get left behind and remain competitive… it’s a critical move.”

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