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IT consulting in Los Angeles help businesses optimize at multiple levels, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity. Following are several ways this is done:

  • Enhanced security
  • Decreased operational cost through tech developments
  • Greater available professionalism and availability

Enhanced Security

IT consulting in Los Angeles provide cutting-edge security solutions, as the “goalposts” of security solutions are always moving. Where before, military-grade encryption could secure most files, new ransomware tactics find ways around such encryption either through brute-force hacking or social engineering hacks. As computational ability expands exponentially, the “brute force” necessary to hack older encryption is comparatively less, creating a vulnerability. If you want to be comprehensively, reliably secure, it’s integral to work with an MSP that understands how necessary the latest security solutions are. If you can prevent even one major incursion, your MSP solution may end up paying for itself. An hour of downtime can cost hundreds of thousands for even smaller businesses. Cutting out an hour of downtime a year may cover the cost of your MSP solutions.

Decreased Operational Cost through Tech Developments

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and edge computing provide greater data visibility and allow for the outsourcing of certain operational needs that were previously only available internally.

With the cloud, you can totally outsource your server solution, as well as your operational equipment needs through Desktop as a Service, Device as a Service, and Bring Your Own Device. All three of these things–DaaS, DaaS, and BYOD, can knock thousands off your annual budget easily. The only real expenses come in transition, and those are quickly overcome through value.

Greater Available Professionalism and Availability

A tech service works with multiple clients and has multiple technicians. It’s their prerogative to maintain your systems as efficiently as possible, and additionally, it’s their prerogative to be available for you whenever they’re needed. This may be the goal of internal solutions, but they likely won’t have the manpower, budget, or ability to serve you, as well as an outsourced solution. Additionally, internal solutions cost more.

On the other hand, external tech professionals regularly work with clients who differ from you and are similar to you. This means they have more experience than internal solutions can attain and are able to see your business from an external perspective which is informed by working with other similarly-situated clients. They can see blind spots you would have no ability to detect otherwise, saving you substantial resources over time.

Reducing Costs

IT consulting in Los Angeles from DCG Technical Solutions can help you reduce operational expenses while streamlining your business. Contact us now for more information.