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Working with Managed IT services providers in Los Angeles enables business to align their IT and business strategies. Over time, Information Technology has become crucial in every department, challenging the ways organizations conduct their business processes, communicate with clients, and deliver services. However, despite the crucial role an IT strategy plays, businesses put it as an afterthought rather than as an integral part.

Most often, IT is viewed as a separate entity, where technology drives investments instead of helping the business achieve goals and objectives. This divided approach is counterproductive and serves to increase the disconnect between the two.

Why Does the Disconnect Happen?

Disconnect between the IT strategy and business strategy can form in a few ways:

  • Lack of a clear understanding by IT departments of what is important to the organization. Misalignment results when the organization does not include the IT strategy as part of its strategic planning.
  • Management does not understand the value of IT – in most cases, the management, which once had a perfectly aligned relationship, gradually disconnects due to changing business needs and priorities.
  • Leadership opting to use outdated technology – business departments, from marketing, supply chain to sales, and delivery evolve. However, businesses consider the initial investment made in certain technologies expensive and are hesitant to abandon them in favor of new, better technological solutions.

These factors result in organizational friction over time. Company executives choose to ignore the fact that business strategy has evolved while IT has stagnated or diverged.

Should CIOs be Included in Strategic Meetings?

The role of CIOs has changed probably more than other positions in an organizations’ executive. Initially, CIOs were considerably below other leaders, sticking to their role of implementing technological aspects requested by business managers. They mainly handled technical operations and could rarely sit in strategic business meetings.

However, as technology is becoming the core of every department, CIOs are becoming an essential part of the strategic decision-making process. To satisfy the technological demands of every department, CIOs should be included in strategic meetings. They should have a presence and visibility over the marketing, shipping, and customer service departments.

Are Your IT and Business Strategies Aligned?

Working with managed IT services experts in Los Angeles enables an organization to identify misalignment in their strategies. Organizations should gauge if the executive team is satisfied with what the IT department is providing. If they are not, and the executive feels that the investments in IT are not providing results, misalignment is the problem.

Aligning IT strategy and business strategy is an ongoing process. At DCG Technical Solutions, we provide comprehensive managed IT services for businesses in Los Angeles. We help organizations align their business and IT strategies for better efficiency. Contact us to know more about our IT support services in Los Angeles.