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There is no question that services offering IT consulting in Los Angeles can be beneficial for small and medium businesses. They provide help with all tech related issues, minimizing the time that employees have to spend attempting to troubleshoot their own computer problems. However, there is a catch: to reap these benefits, you have to find a quality, efficient and fast-acting IT company.

Evaluating Your Existing IT Provider

One of the biggest issues that businesses face with regard to their IT service provider is a slow response time. The fact is, when an issue occurs, having a team of professional experts who respond in a timely manner is a must.

If your IT support team is always too slow to respond, this can cost you in a number of ways. Take some time to think about the last tech issues your business experienced. Did the team respond in a timely manner, or did your business suffer extended downtime because of their slow response? Also, when you call for service or assistance, do you have to go through an “IT middleman?” This can also provide slower than desired response times, which can put your company in a very tough situation.

The Problem with Slow IT Support

If your IT support team is not responding to your help requests in a timely manner, your business will suffer. Not only will you have some, or all, of your computers and other tech related equipment non-operational, your employees will be at a standstill. This downtime results in lost revenue that your business would otherwise be generating.

In addition to losing revenue, a service offering IT consulting in Los Angeles that does not respond in a timely manner may also cost your business existing and new customers. The longer the downtime you have, the more you stand to lose and the more opportunities you are going to miss.

How Long is Too Long?

Now the question is, how long should you expect to wait for IT support. The fact is if you have to wait even 30 minutes to receive a call from your support staff (that you are paying for this service) you may be dealing with a bad IT company. This is why it is important to track and record each service request and how long a response takes. This will help you judge the quality of the team you have hired.

Is it Time to Find a New IT Support Provider?

If you discover you are waiting too long for service, then now may be the time to look into new IT support. While this process can be a little challenging, it will pay off and reduce your overall business downtime in the long run. Don’t suffer simply because the IT support you have cannot keep up with your requests for the services you are paying for.

If you are looking for more information about IT consulting in Los Angeles, or feel as though it is time to make a change, contact the professionals from DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.