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Ask The Answer Guy – Download Youtube Videos

By May 24, 2010No Comments1 min read

Brent, I like watching videos on Youtube, but sometimes I don’t have an internet connection, like when I’m on a plane or when I don’t have great cell reception. Is there a way I can download my favorite videos from Youtube to my computer or cell phone so that I can watch them again and again?

Youtube videos are a huge part of our culture and everyone has their favorites. Whether you are looking up sports clips or the latest internet fad, there is something for everyone on Youtube.

When I want to download a Youtube video for my cell phone or just to have, without having to search for it, I use a program called YouTube downloader. It’s free and very easy to use. Simply type the Youtube URL into YouTube downloader’s search bar and select what file type you want. Within minutes you’ll have the video at your fingertips. Try it out here.