Ask the Answer Guy – Do You Recommend Microsoft Office 365 for Mail and Office Apps?

There are pros and cons to Microsoft Office 365 for mail and office applications, depending on what your needs are. Office 365 is pretty cheap and a good fit for some (albeit with very little or no tech support). But if any problems arise, that lack of tech support can raise the frustration level, and what started out as a cheap solution will soon turn very pricey, very fast. It is for these reasons we have had a number of companies move off of Office 365 and switch back to premise-based servers, and/or move to the DCG PrivateCLOUD hosted exchange offering.

DCG Donates to L.A. Food Bank on Behalf of Clients

The beginning of this holiday season brings the opportunity for those of us at DCG to give thanks, not only to our clients but especially to the L.A. Food Bank, an organization that strives to eradicate hunger in Los Angeles County.

In honor of the important work that the L.A. Food Bank does for our local communities, DCG made a donation of $2,500 on behalf of each of our clients.

How Can I Access My Computer/Company Files Remotely?

Providing remote access for certain employees is something that most of our sites require-at least for management employees. We accomplish this using free software that is included with most Microsoft Servers. The free Remote Desktop software is very reliable and convenient; but if a user needs more robust printing capability, or for compatibility with certain programs, we may go with one of the “pay” services like http://www.LogMeIn.Com or

Why do we need a firewall?

To make “DCG Baseline”, our clients are required to change these low quality router with a Sonicwall or Cisco firewall/router. Both have models for small business that start at about $175.00 so it is no longer expensive to buy the best protection. When properly configured, you can rest assured that your network is protected from the outside.

Why am I getting these pop-ups?

Annoying pop-ups are a sign that spyware, virus, or other malware has infected your computer. The other indications that your system has been compromised include “funny looking” search screens and browser redirects to web-sites you are not expecting. Besides causing your PC to run very slow, it is important to get help right away since you may be infected with a key-logger capable of discovering your secret passwords.

Will my servers shut down automatically?

… for the servers to come back on after the power is restored, the software needs to be configured to do this. In addition to proper software configuration, most server brands like Dell and IBM require that the Bios be configured to “turn on” when power is sensed. If this is not done, you or your end users will need to manually turn on your servers after a power outage and that costs time and money…so it is best to let DCG configure your servers on our initial site visit to be ready before, during and after a power outage.