What is the best way to “stay connected” with my laptop?

Brent - I'm traveling via car across the country this summer. What is the best way to "stay connected" with my laptop?

For those of you heading for the open road this summer, here are some tips that will help you stay connected. If you can afford it, buy a wireless laptop card from your cell phone provider; Verizon offers the fastest network, but AT&T and Sprint have better nation-wide coverage.

Ask the Answer Guy – I Have Heard About People Losing Their Internet Domain. What Can I Do to Safeguard Our Domain?

The first and best way to protect your domain is to use a reputable registrar. It's foolish to put your brand and all your hard work at risk just to save a few dollars a year with a cheap but dubious company.

There are over 500 registrars out there, and you can learn more about them or choose one by going to NamePros, DNForum, or RegSelect.