Microsoft Excel: An essential upgrade

Businesses use Microsoft Excel for many purposes, including creating formulas, planning budgets, recording expenditures, and more. A spreadsheet can handle limitless amounts of information, making it an extremely useful tool for storing and analyzing data such as text and numbers. With its essential upgrade, Excel lets you do so much more. Previous Excel upgrades include […]

Office 365 Authentication Considerations Identified by Our IT Support Team in Pasadena

Microsoft recently announced support for Basic Authentication will come to an end. Examples of services blocked in relation to risk assessment include Remote PowerShell, EWS, POP, ActiveSync, and IMAP.

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Businesses that have not addressed such security challenges should shift Office 365 protocols toward Modern Authentication, ultimately enabling ADAL sign-in for Office applications as well as support features including multi-factor authentication.

Why You Need an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles for Your Business’s Cybersecurity

IT support in Los Angeles is almost always going to be superior through an MSP over in-house options. Unless you're an enterprise that can apportion funding to IT security at such a level, you'd be able to start your own MSP if you wanted, it's highly unlikely you'll be able to match what security options are available through an outsourced tech provider.

How robust dashboards can help your business

A dashboard is a business intelligence tool that displays metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) for organizations. Dashboards provide you an overall view of how your business is performing. Here are some uses of dashboards in real-life business situations. Marketing insights An organization’s marketing department analyzes a significant amount of data from various channels. Whether […]