DCG Technical Solutions’ CEO Whitfield Contributes to Channel Partners’ Article on Fiber Optic Internet

Brent Whitfield, CEO of DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., was quoted in an article published by industry magazine Channel Partners. In the article, which covers in depth the advantages of fiber optic Internet connections, Whitfield talks of his company's involvement in the many successful and fruitful fiber installation projects for clients, and how the implementation of fiber for even his own business has increased speed, productivity, and ultimately cloud service sales.

IT Consulting Providers in Los Angeles That Don’t Offer Vendor Management Become Referees!


IT consulting in Los Angeles bears a lot of similarity to the compartmentalization of living functions in a given metropolis. Infrastructure that is successful usually leads to the facilitation of additional infrastructure. There is a certain point at which developing complications in operation require compartmentalization for proper functionality.

Is Your Managed IT Services Provider Still Climbing the Education Steps in Los Angeles?

Don't Settle

Managed IT services in Los Angeles soon become, in a way, stale, if you've acquired the wrong organization. Consider this scenario. A young company peopled by passionate technology solutions is begun. These budding young enthusiasts branch out until they're running operations for several organizations; at which point they realize they've either got to expand their employee base, or stop accepting new clients.

Don’t Wait on IT Support Firms That Don’t Answer Their Phones in Los Angeles!

Response Times and Their Importance

IT support in Los Angeles has to be as immediate as humanly possible. One word sums up the reason: downtime. When servers or other computer systems take a dive, productivity can grind to a halt. The length it takes for repair is often termed "downtime". During such instances you have employees yet on the clock, utilities and infrastructural systems in full operation, as well as varying other divisions which must now be put into a holding pattern.