How Cloud Computing Solves La Cañada Flintridge Companies’ Biggest Security Risk!

Information technology offers companies the leverage they need to produce, store and retrieve critical information. Control over where and how this data is used is critical to a company's security. In addition to industry-specific laws surrounding medical and education fields, critical information such as employee bank information and social security numbers must be protected at all costs.

The DaaS Model Is a Good Fit for the Healthcare Industry

The DaaS Model Is a Good Fit for the Healthcare Industry

Guest post by Brent Whitfield, CEO, DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.
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The healthcare industry deals with tight IT budgets and highly confidential records that require premium security, which is why desktop as a service (DaaS) is an appropriate solution.

Has Your Los Angeles IT Services Provider Grown Too Big?

When your Los Angeles IT services provider grows so big that it begins to lose interest in maintaining small business clients, it's time to move on. If such a IT firm starts treating you like a statistic instead of a professional that rewards them with monetary value, consider taking your business elsewhere.

Is Your IT Support Provider in LA Documenting Your Network?

When you hire IT support in LA, you may automatically think that everything is good and that now all your business IT related worries are over. Unfortunately, in many situations, this is not the case. If you don’t receive documentation from your IT support provider regarding information about your network, you may not be receiving the service you are paying for.