Security Corner – Ransomware is Lurking

There's a threat to computers worldwide called Reveton, a virus that locks up computers and orders their users to pay a fine. Should this demand for money ever appear on your screen, don't pay it!

Reveton, described as "drive-by malware" because it can install itself when users simply click on a compromised website, infects and freezes a computer, then brings up a pop-up warning that says the FBI believes the individual's internet address is engaged in illegal activity, such as piracy.

Ask the Answer Guy – Where Can I Easily (and Quickly) Find the Best Items For the Best Prices?

Dear Brent,

Whenever I attempt to shop for a new tech device, I am utterly overwhelmed by all the choices that are out there. Is there an easy way to weed through the chaos and whittle the choices down to the best items for the best prices?

There are very useful websites out there that will help you shop for the highest-rated products, most current versions, best prices, reputable retailers and possible coupons.

Cool Stuff – The Thinner, Lighter, Lightening Fast iPhone 5

Folks who eagerly awaited the iPhone 4S were treated to a rather lackluster reveal, finding the only real exciting change was the addition of Siri. The iPhone 5, however, packs more punch with new technology and added features.

Apple's newest smartphone is lighter and thinner than the 4/4S, sporting a larger screen with higher resolution and space for one more row of icons.

It’s Free! – Get Nudged with NudgeMail

You don't need to tie a string around your finger anymore. NudgeMail will remind you!

Email reminder services are considered the best kept secret tool in business. NudgeMail is a free reminder service - a simple, effective way to schedule "wake up" or reminder emails in the future.

IT Talk – Windows 8 is on the Way

Windows 8 won't be officially released until October 26, but the Windows 8 preview is available now. Here are the beneficial features that we can look forward to:

*Windows To Go - lets you fit an entire PC environment (all of its apps, settings, and files) onto a USB thumb drive or a portable drive

*A Windows environment that is tablet friendly

*Recovery options to more easily reinstall Windows

*Faster boot times

*New network authentication types for easier connection

*New and enhanced networking features for administrators

*AppLocker (control the running of Packaged apps and Packaged app installers)

*Simpler deployment of BranchCache and DirectAcces

*BitLocker (encrypts hard drives faster)

*Client Hyper-V (offers the same Hyper-V virtualization capabilities that will be available in Windows Server 2012). So it is easy to run virtualized versions of Windows XP or Windows 7

Do a Windows 8 search or click here for the full Windows 8 preview.

Tips and Tricks – Bigger Fonts for Older Eyes

Here's a trick for Mac users whose type is too small, or worse, eyes that are getting old.

Disabling the Gestures feature on your Mac Trackpad will let you change your computer's font size for a more comfortable read. With Gestures turned on, you may be accidentally zooming in or out, or activating OS X features.

It’s Free – Manage Your Finances with Mint

If you're looking for a free, easy to use online budgeting tool to manage your finances, you'll find it with

A viable alternative to the pricey Quicken, this personal finance program categorizes your checking, savings, credit cards, PayPal, investments, retirement accounts and other personal accounts in one convenient place.