Security Corner – Poisoned PDFs

PDFs are one of the most common files used in business. They are easy to make and contain all of the images and formatting of a paper original. Their ubiquity also makes them a target for hackers. Attacks utilizing PDF files have risen dramatically recently from 11 % of attacks to 49 % according to Symantec.

Why Doesn’t My New Computer Have Microsoft Word, Excel, Etc.?

When you order a new computer these days, a lot of software gets “bundled” with it by Dell, IBM, or HP. Unfortunately, if you would like the Microsoft office applications like Word, Excel, and Outlook, you need to ask for it.

Happily, asking for the OEM bundle at the time you order your new PC is a great way to save money on the latest version of all version of Office. But you do have to ask for it, otherwise, you won’t get it!

Is My Server Still Covered Under Warranty?

The server warranty status becomes less important if it is being backed up by the Dependable SafeSTOR backup appliance. That is because the DSS appliance will let us virtualize any failed server within 30 minutes to 90 minutes — regardless of how the physical file server failed. For old servers that are too expensive, or can’t be warrantied by the manufacturer; this works out great and allows you to use your old hardware until it starts failing. By running “virtually” on the DSS appliance for a few days; you get time to procure a new server and your user can keep working.

How Do We Lock Someone Out of Our Server?

DCG is often called in to make sure that the client site is completely secure. DCG accomplishes this by following a 20 point check list related that covers remote access to servers, workstations, mail, web, VPNs, and other company IT assets. By following these steps our clients have never had a breach and when we are done with our work, you can rest assured that all “open doors” will be closed.

How do I reach you on the weekends?

Even with our pro-active approach to fixing issues as they occur; you may still need to talk to an engineer after hours. St. Bernard Managed Care clients get access to a “live engineer” after hours by calling our regular phone number 818-541-9195 and selecting “option 2” for “DCG Contract clients”. The nite number is monitored by a different DCG engineer every week, so you will get help when you need it.

How many hours a week will it take to manage my network?

he hours utilized at a given client site is carefully tracked at DCG. Over time, DCG shares with our clients the DCG Efficiency Target ™ for their site. The Efficiency Target ™ metric is how we confirm that our actual hours match up with the amount our client has budgeted. To learn more about how we use the DCG Efficiency Target to work within you budget, ask for a free walk-through and we will help you understand how it works.