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Common Facebook marketing mistakes

Facebook has grown rapidly in the past decade and now boasts over two billion monthly active users. These users are constantly liking, sharing, commenting, and posting on the platform. Many businesses see this as an opportunity to grow their customer base so they integrate Facebook advertising into their marketing strategies. To guide you, here’s a […]

Which web browser is the safest?

Enterprise cybersecurity is a holistic system that involves employing security practices at every level of use. This includes picking out the most secure application for web browsing. Consider the security features of these popular web browsers when picking yours. Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge, Windows’ current default browser, is an improvement over its predecessor Internet Explorer […]

IT Support Experts in Pasadena Explain Why Computers Slow Down and Detail the Fixes

Computers gradually slow down for myriad reasons. Some computers are jam-packed with an abundance of software that bogs down processing speed. Other computers are laden with viruses. Some computers have aged to the point that they need to be replaced. Below, our IT support experts in Pasadena take a closer look at the many reasons for computer slow-downs and provide some solutions.

Tips and tricks for collecting customer data

Businesses have more access to customer data than ever before, and that trend will likely continue in the future. The insights you get from all that data are valuable. However, a lot of data is unnecessary or possibly even problematic. To ensure your insights are relevant and useful, you must have a well-defined data collection […]