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Microsoft 365 update channels: What you need to know

Many businesses using Microsoft 365 prefer to have the latest versions of the productivity suite’s applications. Some businesses prefer to get updates as soon as they become available, while others prefer to update their systems on a predictable schedule. Fortunately, Microsoft’s update channels enable businesses to customize when they receive apps’ new features. New update […]

Why you need the cloud in the middle of COVID-19

With the COVID-19 lockdowns forcing most economic sectors to slow down, cloud technology can help your business survive and remain competitive. More specifically, you can cut costs and increase operational efficiency using the cloud. Ensuring continuity and efficiency with the cloud The need to stay at home and practice social distancing have changed the way […]

Why your SMB needs a business continuity plan (BCP)

Multiple things can disrupt the operations of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), such as natural disasters or cyberattacks. This can lead to lost revenue, or in some extreme cases, business closure. But having a concrete business continuity plan (BCP) in place will help your business recover quickly after a disaster. What is a BCP? A […]

IT Support in Los Angeles: Your Employees Are Your Biggest Cybersecurity Threat

IT support experts in Los Angeles say that the biggest cybersecurity threats of any business are going to be internal. This is for a few reasons. Oftentimes employees end up making your information vulnerable to hackers accidentally, sometimes deliberately, sometimes through negligence--which is similar to accidental compromise but requires a greater lack of care.

How to protect your business printers from hackers

Organizations spend resources on keeping their technology and devices secure, but they often overlook one crucial piece of hardware: printers. Printers, just like computers and Wi-Fi networks, can be an entry point for hackers and a gateway to your business’s sensitive information. Here’s what you need to know about keeping your printers secure. What makes […]

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Getting the Best IT Support You Deserve by Building a Strong Relationship with Your MSP

A Symbiotic Relationship
Your IT consulting partner in Los Angeles can help you acquire the right tech solutions and learn how best to incorporate them into your tech infrastructure. If you acquire MSP support and don't value it, not only will you fail to recoup total potential value, but you'll forge a negative business partnership that can be collaterally impacting.