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Working with IT Support Firms in Pasadena to Help You Avoid Damaging Your Laptop

IT support in Pasadena can be integral in helping you avoid common maintenance mishaps with laptops. Over time, they're going to become impacted by general wear-and-tear, and this can cause them to overheat.

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How to Identify a Computer that's Overheating
Generally, a computer that's overheating feels hot, but if you're not using it from your lap, you may not notice.

Choosing an office Wi-Fi router

Selecting a Wi-Fi router, much like selecting any other piece of equipment for your business, can be a complicated task. There are a variety of models available that it can be a chore to work out the best option. However, if you know what features to look for, it’s much easier to make the right […]

Why IT Support Experts in Los Angeles Recommend VPN Services

Unsecured public Wi-Fi networks have opened avenues for a wide range of cybersecurity threats. With many businesses embracing the idea of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), IT support specialists in Los Angeles recommend securing your employees’ devices with a premium virtual private network (VPN). You can’t possibly control the kind of networks they connect to when they’re out of the office, but at least you can ensure that they are secure wherever they go.

Secure your data in the cloud

Data breaches are a common occurrence in today’s business environment. While many businesses have turned to cloud apps for better productivity, scalability, and savings, some worry that the cloud is more vulnerable to data breaches than an on-premises data center. The truth is that any computing environment is vulnerable if you don’t take steps to […]

BI is not just for the big boys

Most of us don’t normally associate Business Intelligence (BI) with small- or medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The huge investment required to hire data-delving specialists makes us think BI is only for larger organizations. But this is no longer the case. Not only does a growing selection of self-service tools make BI more affordable for SMBs, but […]

How to strengthen your BYOD security

Mobile technology has drastically changed the way we live. And just as many people have “cut the cord” in their homes and now rely on their smart devices, businesses are now adopting the bring your own device (BYOD) trend culture. But BYOD also opens your organization up to cybersecurity risks. Here’s how you can improve […]

Working with IT Support Providers in Los Angeles for Social Engineering Protection

IT support providers in Los Angeles can protect your company from social engineering cyber-attacks. They can train your employees on how to recognize and avoid social engineering attacks and install key IT security measures in your systems.

As the world becomes more digital, social engineering is becoming the most significant security risk in any business.