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Security Corner – Are you infected with DNS Malware?

Anyone whose computer is infected with the DNS malware has until July to fix it or lose Internet access.

Last November, Federal authorities shut down an international conspiracy (click here to read more from the FBI website) that caused over four million computers to connect to fraudulent web pages when users logged onto Netflix, the US Internal Revenue Service, Apple's iTunes and other web sites.

Cool Stuff – The Best Headset Just Got Better

Although headsets were designed to make hands-free calls easy, truth is, they don’t. Many of us still fumble around trying to put on a headset in order to answer a call, then end up missing it.

The Jawbone Era, however, eradicates this problem.

It’s Free – Best Social Media Tool: Posterous

Anyone who shies away from blogging due to technical fears can fear no more. San Francisco-based Posterous has made blogging as easy as sending an email.

Posterous allows you to post blogs, pictures, videos, etc. to your own web space that you create with your own domain and design by choosing from a variety of templates.

It’s Free – Spotify is Music’s Hot Spot

It’s Free – Spotify is Music’s Hot Spot

Those of you who want more control over your music streamed online should check out Spotify.

Described as a cloud-based, free version of iTunes, Spotify is an online music-streaming service that offers selected music from a 15 million track catalog and lets you build your own playlists with any songs you want.

Cool Stuff – The Best Android Phone Runs Ice Cream Sandwich

Word on the street is that users of Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy Nexus, are experiencing the best Android experience ever. Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, has breathed new life into an already lively platform.

Galaxy Nexus’s highlighted features include:

Face Unlock (lets you unlock your phone just by looking at it)
Easy-to-read data usage (limits on data usage; instant access to current usage)
A panoramic camera
Ability to have multiple web pages open at once
Improvements to auto –correction and touch recognition
Voice dictation of emails and texts

While not necessarily better than the iPhone as a whole, the Galaxy Nexus does have a faster camera with higher resolution, as well as more RAM, than the iPhone.

It’s Free – Kindle Lending Library

Got a new Kindle for Christmas? Be sure to take advantage of Amazon's new Kindle Owner's Lending Library.

Amazon Prime members now have free access to over 5,000 Kindle e-book titles from 11,000 U.S. libraries. Using Amazon's Whispersync wireless network, members can borrow one book per month by going to the "Kindle Owners' Lending Library" section of the Kindle Store on their Kindle device.

Life Hacking – The 4-Hour Body Slow Carb Diet

It's a New Year, so who's NOT thinking about taking off a few pounds after the holidays!  Tim Ferriss's 4-Hour Body book is a bit thick and intimidating in size (550 pages), but it contains in the first 150 pages, a very easy to follow weight loss plan -- that even I was able to follow!   I started the diet in March and, by July, I had lost 30 lbs.