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Tips and Tricks – Bigger Fonts for Older Eyes

Here's a trick for Mac users whose type is too small, or worse, eyes that are getting old.

Disabling the Gestures feature on your Mac Trackpad will let you change your computer's font size for a more comfortable read. With Gestures turned on, you may be accidentally zooming in or out, or activating OS X features.

It’s Free – Manage Your Finances with Mint

If you're looking for a free, easy to use online budgeting tool to manage your finances, you'll find it with

A viable alternative to the pricey Quicken, this personal finance program categorizes your checking, savings, credit cards, PayPal, investments, retirement accounts and other personal accounts in one convenient place.

Cool Stuff – MacBook Air’s Latest and Greatest

Apple has updated its MacBook Air 13-inch, deemed "the ultimate everyday notebook," with the latest Intel processors and graphics, as well as faster flash storage. And even better: it's now $100 cheaper than it used to be, now sporting a $1,199 price tag.

Money Savers – Use Your iPhone as an Inexpensive Scanner

Have you ever considered using your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android as a scanner and printer? Now smartphones are even smarter with scan-to-PDF software.

Turboscan by Pixoft (for iDevices) and Google's CamScanner (for Android) are apps that allow smartphones to scan, print and share PDF documents in both black and white and color.

IT Talk – Revo Uninstaller

It's likely you experience a persistent problem whenever you attempt to uninstall programs - the problem being that they don't uninstall completely. Many programs, particularly in Windows, are too stubborn to uninstall and leave bits of themselves behind.

Tips and Tricks – Send Video Business Cards with Eyejot

The world of business cards has joined the paperless movement.

Eyejot, the first video mail solution for mobile devices, is described as a marriage between modern video technology and old world traditional business cards. With Eyejot vCards you create and send electronic vCards that include video, downloadable contact information and even a map.

Security Corner – Are you infected with DNS Malware?

Anyone whose computer is infected with the DNS malware has until July to fix it or lose Internet access.

Last November, Federal authorities shut down an international conspiracy (click here to read more from the FBI website) that caused over four million computers to connect to fraudulent web pages when users logged onto Netflix, the US Internal Revenue Service, Apple's iTunes and other web sites.