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How IT Support in Los Angeles Can Help You Create an Effective Phishing Test

Phishing scams are a major problem in the workplace, but an IT support provider in Los Angeles can help you stay proactive against these threats. One of the best ways to reduce the impact of a phishing scam is to conduct a periodic phishing test. These phishing tests are a great way to educate employees on how to recognize these scams and avoid becoming the next victim to these cybercriminals.

Make site visitors feel secure with these tips

Don’t give your customers any reason to feel insecure when dealing with your business. When they visit and use your website, you must engender feelings of trust and security instead of alarm and distrust. Don’t worry — you can easily do this with these three tips. Tip 1: Use HTTPS Short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol […]

IT Support Professionals in Pasadena Strongly Advise Not to Use Public Charging Kiosks

IT support providers in Pasadena regularly have to help customers overcome issues which develop from the use of public charging kiosks. This is a pretty big danger. Hackers key-in on such locations as a means of planting traps for potential users.
What Happens
Primarily, they use one method we'll explore here--but there are others as well:
"Juice Jacking": Stealing or Injecting Data Through Power Cables
One of the most likely means by which hackers will steal from your device is known as Juice Jacking.

IT Support in Los Angeles: Microsoft Outlook’s Built-In Features Many Are Unaware Of

IT support professionals in Los Angeles commonly assist businesses in not only finding new software, but figuring out the built-in features defining it. Legacy and popular software have conventions a good tech company helps you and employees master.
A Few Features to Consider
Microsoft Outlook has a number of key features many businesses fail to utilize.