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Tips and Tricks – Speed up your internet with Open DNS

Faster Browsing with Open DNS

Your Domain Name Server (DNS) is the service that allows your computer to communicate with other computers on the internet. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) usually determines your default DNS, and chances are it’s slower than others that are readily available.

Free! – Web Clipping Tool

Scribble your notes online

If you ever spend time doing internet research, Google Notebook makes it easy to organize and annotate all the snippets of information you glean. This free tool lets you clip bits of text, images, or website content.

Tips and Tricks – Hassle free printing


If you frequently have to reset the
Properties when you print, there’s a way to create a printer profile,
a “virtual printer” that will save your settings for a specific kind
of job. Go to the Control Panel and click on Printers and Faxes.

IT Talk – Getting Ready for Windows Vista

Vista is worth the wait

At last. Microsoft is finally going
to launch their long-awaited Windows
Vista on January 30, 2007.

Some of you may already be using Microsoft’s
new Internet Explorer 7, which resolves many of the security issues that
have plagued Windows for years, and offers features that have made Firefox
popular, such as tabbed browsing.