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It’s Free – Apple’s Splashy iOS7

It's Apple's biggest change since the birth of the iPhone. The aesthetically different iOS7, Apple's free software update from iOS6 for iPhone and iPad, is now gracing the devices of many and, while still struggling with some bugs, is proving quite popular.

IT Talk – Windows XP is Retiring. Get Ready to Upgrade.

he world's longest-ever supported operating system, Windows XP, has a retirement date of April 8, 2014, after which date Microsoft will no longer support the operating system. (Also retiring on this date is Microsoft Office 2003.) An unsupported operating system means the end of critical security patches and the start of major vulnerability to malware and viruses.

Security Corner – NSA’s recommendations for the most secure networks

Those of us at DCG continue to make your - and our - network security our highest priority. It's both simple and vital that you ensure both your home and business network is secure from malware, viruses and hackers.

The National Security Agency (NSA) published guidelines on network security that we feel are crucial when working to keep your network safe.

Ask the Answer Guy – Is Dropbox still safe to use?

Dear Brent,

I use Dropbox at home, and I'd like to leverage the collaboration features for my business. I've heard about major security flaws with Dropbox. After its recent updates, is Dropbox safe enough for my business?

I can confidently answer yes, Dropbox is safe to use, as evidenced by the fact that we use (and resell) Dropbox for Business here at DCG. It's been reported that Dropbox is the most popular cloud platform, even more popular than Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, and we can see why.

Tips and Tricks – Stay current and secure with Secunia PSI

Letting your computer's software get old has two major drawbacks. First, old software means you're likely missing out on important and useful updates to the programs. The second and most important drawback is vulnerability: Letting outdated software sit on your computer opens the system up to possible attacks of malware/viruses/hackers.

It’s Free – Get Organized with Dia

Organizational flowcharts and diagrams have long been a staple for both professionals and regular folks trying to organize professional and personal life. But it's expensive to create sophisticated charts, with popular organizational tools like Microsoft's Visio costing upwards of $300. Luckily apps like Visio have met their match with Dia, a free open sourced diagraming software that rivals Visio but costs its users nothing.

Cool Stuff – Fitbit goes flexible with Flex

The folks at Fitbit have done it again, only this time they've done it smaller and simpler.

Their newest sleep and activity tracker, the Fitbit Flex, is a smaller, sleeker version of the Fitbit One and is winning rave reviews over competitors Nike+ Fuelband and the Jawbone Up.

Flex's newly designed basic rubber wristband has no display other than a few LED lights and is much more discreet than the other trackers.

Ask the Answer Guy – What’s the word on using electronics on airplanes?

Dear Brent,

I heard that airplane passengers will soon be allowed to use their gadgets for longer stretches of time during their flights. Is this true?

Yes, you heard right. It's been widely reported that the Federal Aviation Administration is reevaluating their rules on gadget usage during flights - particularly during takeoff and landing - and may soon implement changes that allow more usage for longer periods.