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Security Corner – Do I Have a Virus?

Every now and then I get email rejection messages for emails that I never sent. Does this mean I have a virus? How can I stop this from happening?

You don’t have a virus. Somebody else does, and the program harvested your email address from their system.

Tips and Tricks – Setting Your Defaults in Word

If you’ve developed a unique look for your word documents, you can permanently change the default settings in Microsoft Word.

This way your documents will always look the way you want them to look, and you won’t have to go back and reinvent the wheel with every new document.

Password Safe – A great way to safely store your passwords.

Are you looking for a small utility program for creating and storing difficult to crack passwords? Password Safe may be the program for you. Passwords are stored in highly-encrypted database that can be unlocked with one master password. Your usernames and passwords are stored in a local database for easy retrieval later.

Ask the Answer Guy – MP3s Do Not Sound Right

Brent, why don't my MP3s sound like the real thing?

Most audio programs, such as iTunes, want to keep their files down to a small size. So they generally rip files at a rate of 128 kbps.

But when you do this to an uncompressed file from a CD, which usually has a native bit rate of around 1400 kbps, you’re obviously going to lose some sound quality.

Fun Facts – Internet Radio and Podcasts

About 12% of the US population has listened to internet radio, according to recent data by Arbitron. Nine percent, or about 27 million Americans, have listened to a podcast.

Of course these percentages aren’t spread evenly over the population.

IT Talk – Best Places to Shop for Hardware

PC World Confirms DCG's Approach to Hardware Procurement

Many of our customers know that DCG prefers to procure their hardware from online vendors like and

PC World magazine recently surveyed their readers to learn their shopping/buying secrets.

Google Yourself!

According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2008, 47 percent of all Internet users have searched for themselves online. That's up from 22 percent in 2002. So, go search yourself!

Find your product key with Magical Jelly Bean Software

Have you ever misplaced the product key that came with your Windows installation disk or Microsoft Office?

You will need it if you ever wish to reinstall on a new computer or recover from a crash. The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder utility is an easy way to discover it so you can save in a safe place.

Cut Down Costs – Not Trees!

"Going Green" saves money and is good for the environment. Without getting too preachy, here are four ways to lower your paper, ink, toner, and disposal costs as it relates to printing.

Printing emails is usually a waste of time. Same applies to almost every other document you receive that is already in electronic format.