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IT Talk – Is Your PC Ready for Windows 7?

Unlike Vista, we here at DCG are very pleased
with the performance and feature set of Windows 7; as an expert in IT
consulting in Los Angeles, we are
recommending all of our clients deploy it when it becomes available in
October. If you plan on upgrading, the most important question is whether
or not your current computer and software setup will be compatible.

Cool Stuff – Mifi: A Wireless Network In Your Pocket!

Staying connected on the road is always
tough and there are so many opportunities to waste money. Do you spend
$9.95 for 24 hours of internet access in your hotel? Do you pay for a subscription
at a place like Starbucks and continually stop to check email before hurrying
back out? If you are around other family members or business colleagues,
do you all pay for your own connections? That gets expensive!

Wireless has released a product
through Verizon and Sprint that is sure to turn a head or two called "MiFi."
It is a device the size of a few stacked credit cards that uses mobile
broadband to create a WiFi network accessible to up to five devices! Unlike
Bluetooth tethering (if you happen to be one of the lucky few that has
a compatible phone / cell plan), the MiFi has a built-in battery that can
broadcast a protected Wi-Fi signal for over four hours and every device
connected to it can talk to one another and share files in the same way
they can with a standard wireless router.

Free! – Turn PDFs Into Editable Documents!

If you’ve ever wished you could throw a PDF file into Word and start editing, you have probably been disappointed more than once. End your disappointment by checking out the PDFtoWord beta website. Choose a file to upload, select .DOC or .RTF (use .DOC, it seems to work best) and have PDFtoWord send a converted file to the email address of your choice.

Security Corner – Protect Your Network With OpenDNS

With recent threats to our digital security like the Conficker worm, it is more important than ever to strengthen your network’s defenses. There is a fantastic free service specifically designed to boost network security called OpenDNS; it is free and will protect you from many future attacks if you just take a moment to set it up. The OpenDNS website provides simple instructions for changing your DNS server on a single machine or router (so that the change affects ALL networked computers) and even includes a video tutorial. What does this accomplish? Making the change will cause your computer to go to an OpenDNS server to look up the domain names for the sites you visit instead of the DNS server provided by your ISP; the OpenDNS server has the ability to deny you access to known phishing and hacking sites. There is a content filter that will deny access to any type of questionable site you do not want your child visiting and the ability to report network traffic is built right in.

IT Talk – Nine Steps of a PC Tune-Up.

Just like an automobile, a computer requires regular cleanup and maintenance in order to continue performing as it should. As a part of our St. Bernard Managed Care service, these tasks are taken care of regularly, automatically and behind-the scenes. For those of you who are responsible for the well-being of your own machine, take a look at the following list of items to take care of on a fairly routine basis.

Cool Stuff – Blackberry Tour: The New International Blackberry from Verizon.

If you are on the Verizon network and require
a next-generation Blackberry with world-roaming capability, RIM
has heard your prayers and delivered accordingly. Complete with a 3 megapixel
camera, very well-reviewed GPS capability, Bluetooth and the classic Blackberry
QWERTY keyboard, this phone has been proving itself to be one of the best
smartphones available to both business and casual users.

Free! – Google Latitude Keeps You Connected.

Google is hosting yet another free service
that comes as an add-on to GoogleMaps. It is called Latitude
and it promises to take "staying connected" to a new level. Integrated
with your driving directions and location services, you can now add friends
and choose to share your location with them while you are out and about.

The FREE iPhone 3.0 Update!

As you may know, Apple released it's
3.0 firmware update just two days ago. The new features not only please
the millions of current iPhone customers, but disarm the opposition by
taking most of the last valid arguments AGAINST owning an iPhone they have
left! In all seriousness, the reviews have been very positive over the
new features which include an improved calendar, enhanced stock application
and the addition of a voice recorder (one of my personal favorites). Below
is a condensed list of major additions, improvements and changes reported
on the Apple

Cut / Copy / Paste: Quickly and
easily cut, copy and paste text from application to application.