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Cool Stuff – RIM Launches Blackberry App World

On April 1st, Research In Motion made its entrance into the mobile application store foray with its Blackberry App World. It offers many of the same features as the other mobile app stores for both the iPhone and Andriod phones. Installing the App World on your device is really simple.

IT Talk – Business Continuity in a Time of Employee Turnover and Layoffs

Business Continuity in a Time of Employee Turnover and Layoffs...

Employee turnover has always been defined as an HR issue; but, in today’s economic climate where workforce reductions are essential to an organization’s survival, business continuity is becoming a major focus for IT.  When employees are laid-off or leave, organizations must address both practical and behavioral concerns regarding their data.

Gazelle – Get Easy Cash for Your Old Gadgets!

If you're anything like the average Americanconsumer, you have a few gadgets lying around the house that have been replaced by a new model - or maybe you just don't use them anymore. Gazelle is a new service that will actually pay you for your old stuff!

Head over to their website and type in the model name of your old cell phone, camera or camcorder, GPS device, video game console (or old games!), LCD monitor.

IT Talk- Downgrading Back to Windows XP Pro.

Despite last year's release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1, we are still recommending the continued use of Windows XP Pro to our business clients. Many bugs and annoyances were addressed,but there are just too many stability problems and compatibility issues with older software that plague accounting departments and general business work-flow.

Security Corner – Lithium Batteries: Carry, Do Not Pack.

In the super-saturated realm of airport and air transportation security laws, there is a new one brought to us by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Spare lithium batteries -- like the ones you would bring to supplement your notebook or digital camera -- are no longer allowed to be checked in with your luggage.

Cool Stuff – Online Photo Editing!

"Your online home for easy photo editing, storing and sharing..."
is the latest creation for the masses by Adobe. It is completely online (no software installs or downloads of any kind!) and provides a wealth of tools to crop, re-size, color-correct and distort any image on your computer.

Free! – Send Files up to 300MB!

For those of you who don't wish to clog up your email servers with huge attachments, there is Sendspace. Without even signing up for a free account, you can use their incredibly simple upload form to attach any file on your computer up to 300MB in size and send it's download link to the person you desire via email.

Ask the Answer Guy – Boosting Cell Phone / Air Card Signal.

Brent - How can we increase the signal strength of our cell phones and wireless cards while using them in our office or home?

Great question. What is the point of having a cell phone or air card if it doesn't work where you most often carry them?

Finally, get a full 5 bars at your office when you install a Wi-Ex zBoost cell zone and signal booster.