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Free! – Outlook Search Tool and Google Reader

Where'd that email go?

The average number of email messages received is increasing daily as it becomes the preferred method of communication. As a result, important emails and attachment files can be buried or overlooked, making it difficult to find them again.

Security Corner – USB Flash Drives

USB Flash Drives - Small agents of big security risks

Remember when floppy disks were the main vehicles for transferring data? As virus outbreaks increased, extra precaution was taken when files were opened on unknown floppy disks. An infected file meant a compromised system.

IT Talk – The Latest Voice Recognition Software

Enter the Dragon

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 voice recognition software gives users the power to create documents, emails, and reports in Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel, Word Perfect and virtually all Windows-based applications. Nuance, the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers, claims an impressive accuracy of 99% with a proven rate of 120 wpm.

Quick Tips – Combine Multiple Instances in Windows

Split personalities in Windows

Windows makes it easy to combine two or more instances of Windows applications, such as Word, Excel and Explorer, onto one screen. This function allows you to transfer files or cut and paste text between two different instances without having to constantly flip back and forth.

Security Corner – Internet Fraud

Five easy ways to protect your business
from internet fraud.

Many internet hackers prey upon users
who are too complacent or just too busy to keep their guard up. However,
if you do nothing else to protect yourself from online fraud, at least
take care of these simple measures:

1. Install anti-virus software and anti-adware/spyware