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IT Talk – The Latest Voice Recognition Software

Enter the Dragon

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 voice recognition software gives users the power to create documents, emails, and reports in Microsoft Word and Excel, Corel, Word Perfect and virtually all Windows-based applications. Nuance, the leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers, claims an impressive accuracy of 99% with a proven rate of 120 wpm.

Quick Tips – Combine Multiple Instances in Windows

Split personalities in Windows

Windows makes it easy to combine two or more instances of Windows applications, such as Word, Excel and Explorer, onto one screen. This function allows you to transfer files or cut and paste text between two different instances without having to constantly flip back and forth.

Security Corner – Internet Fraud

Five easy ways to protect your business
from internet fraud.

Many internet hackers prey upon users
who are too complacent or just too busy to keep their guard up. However,
if you do nothing else to protect yourself from online fraud, at least
take care of these simple measures:

1. Install anti-virus software and anti-adware/spyware

Cool Stuff – The Apple MacBook Runs Windows XP

Apple has made a small breakthrough with the new MacBook 13-inch. Costing around $1,699, the new MacBook is an affordable version of the MacBook Pro 15-inch and MacBook Pro 17-inch, keeping most of the cool features of the larger versions but with a smaller size and price tag.

Ask the Answer Guy – Stop a Patch Crash Before it Happens

Brent, how do I prevent a "patch crash"?

Every now and then, a company issues updates on its products, usually for browsers or operating systems, such as Windows, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

These updates are usually designed to “patch up” a problem or hole in the software, and they are often critical for the security of your computer.

IT Talk – Which ISP is the Fastest?

Are you using the fastest ISP?

The speed of different Internet Service Providers (ISP) has always been tough to compare and test, because browsing involves downloading lots of different files as individual “pieces.” The number and size of these pieces is constantly varied.