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Cool Stuff – Apple iPod Touch: The Best iPod Yet!

In our previous newsletter, we featured the Apple iPhone; however, we still don't recommend it for your business due to its lack of Enterprise connectors to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino.

In the meantime, if you want the breakthrough features of the iPhone, but you want to listen to music without buying new cell phone service, Apple's new iPod touch is your solution.

The Double Dangers of Open Wi-Fi

When it comes to secure Wi-Fi, the weakest link in your network chain could be an open and vulnerable home Wi-Fi network linked to the office. If this home user has remote access to your network, then your network is vulnerable. Once an intruder enters this open network, they can access your company information, steal passwords, or send viruses and spyware.

Ask the Answer Guy – I Have Heard About People Losing Their Internet Domain. What Can I Do to Safeguard Our Domain?

The first and best way to protect your domain is to use a reputable registrar. It's foolish to put your brand and all your hard work at risk just to save a few dollars a year with a cheap but dubious company.

There are over 500 registrars out there, and you can learn more about them or choose one by going to NamePros, DNForum, or RegSelect.

Free! – Save and Send Your Spontaneous Ideas

You're sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the store. Suddenly, you come up with the perfect idea to fix your latest business challenge or boost your revenue. Or you remember an important task that you want your assistant to perform. But you're nowhere near your computer, and you'll forget your idea by the time you get back to the office.

Dependable SafeSTOR – State-of-the-Art Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution.

An organization’s most important asset for success and continuity is DATA. Don’t believe it? Unplug your computers for one day.

Protecting data is an essential duty of any organization’s executive. The technology to bullet proof data and quickly restore operations in the event of any data loss is now available to all organizations using technology previously available only to very large organizations.

Tips and Tricks – Save Time On Internet Searches

Unless you have a Library Science degree, you may have to wade through useless web pages whenever you use a search engine. Here are some easy tips to help you find more useful information in less time.

Use the minus sign to eliminate common results that aren't what you want.