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Why does HTTPS matter?

Almost everyone in the world browses the internet every day. People look up information, shop, chat with friends, or just pass the time by surfing the web. Internet browsing has become second nature to us that we often forget one thing: checking our address bar for an “S” after the “HTTP” prefix. HTTPS encryption The […]

Safeguard Your Business Against Common Security Threats with the Help of an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles

Having IT support represents a key component in helping you most comprehensively protect your business in Los Angeles. There are many common threats out there which are easy enough to protect against but are unknown by enterprises or SMBs.
Generalized Best Practices
An IT support provider can work with you specifically to line out effective security practices.

IT Support in Los Angeles: How to Secure Zoom Calls

Zoom has seen an incredible increase in users during this coronavirus pandemic. Companies offering IT support solutions in Los Angeles continue to receive increased inquiries concerning how to secure zoom calls. This is because thousands of businesses and organizations have resorted to working from home practices by leveraging Zoom features.