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DCG Technical Solutions CEO Brent Whitfield Examines Benefits of Hybrid Cloud in Blog for Lavelle Networks

Small business owners benefit greatly from a hybrid cloud solution as companies like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform compete to provide the best in this category. DCG Technical Solutions CEO Brent Whitfield wrote an article for Lavelle Networks in which he looks at the main benefits of the hybrid cloud, especially as it applies to small businesses.

How to keep your laptop from overheating

More employees are opting for laptops because they’re compact and easy to carry around. However, small frames mean less space for computer chips, transistors, RAM, hard drives, and other hardware components. This leads to overheating. Causes of overheating Laptops generate heat when in use. That’s why they have internal fans that blow out hot air […]

IT Support in Los Angeles: Benefits of the Cloud for SMBs

Today, you will find that more small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly moving to the cloud, or at least partnering with IT support providers in Los Angeles to learn more about the cloud. Every business wishes to use a solution that reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). The term cost-saving is enough to get you the attention you need in a room full of SMBs.

While you might be wondering how new technology will help you save on costs, it is interesting to note that cloud solutions can be leveraged to reduce the inevitable operational cost significantly.