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Save on printing costs with these 5 tips

Many small and large enterprises don’t realize that they are using inefficient printing hardware and processes that lead to unnecessary expenses. To manage your printing needs efficiently and minimize your spending, follow these tips. Replace outdated printers Your years-old printer may still be getting the job done, but they may be taking a bit out […]

Effectively Managing New IoT Tech with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Agony and Ecstasy: How Tech Paints Itself Into This Reality
There's an old movie about Michelangelo with Charlton Heston called The Agony and the Ecstasy. It's about what Michelangelo went through painting The Sistine Chapel. Well, essentially, IT consulting firms in Los Angeles deal with a similarly two-sided issue owing to IoT. It brings advantages, but it has its downsides in terms of security.

Predictive forecasting in Power BI for Microsoft 365

Many successful business owners throw around the phrase “make your own luck,” but what do these words truly mean? Partly, it means not being deterred by terrible circumstances but rather learning from these setbacks to gain better opportunities in the future. Microsoft’s Power BI puts that principle into practice: with predictive forecasting based on previous […]

Determining VPN Security Through IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Can a VPN Be a Risk to Operational Security?
IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles say that the answer to this question is "yes" and "no", depending on the specific situation defining VPN operation. Because of the "lockdown" still practiced by companies and individuals almost a year after initial measures were taken, some employees at home are using non-approved devices to access VPNs. Accordingly, this opens VPN up to vulnerabilities from clever cybercriminals.