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Tips and Tricks – Skip Long Voicemail Greetings!

Just yesterday, I called a friend whose outgoing message was ridiculously long; so long, in fact, that it took less time for him to listen to my message and call me back than it took me to listen to his greeting so that I could leave the message in the first place! You've have probably had a friend that insists on making you listen to "Low Rider" for the maximum allowed duration just so you can say "Hey, call me back about dinner tonight.

Ask the Answer Guy – Enhancing Your Multi-Monitor Experience.

Brent - I have two monitors displaying more applications than I can keep track of. Is there a good way to stay organized while running multiple applications / monitors?

Most of the guys at our small business IT support office run their laptops on docking stations with a second monitor and they all have their own ways of staying organized while multitasking.

Security Corner – Have You Changed Your Passwords?

In a recent project aimed at uncovering insecure internet devices to promote awareness, researchers have found nearly 21,000 routers, webcams and VoIP systems left wide open to attack. These devices can be accessed from anywhere on the internet and those who own them have not even changed the manufacturer's default password.

IT Talk – Disappearing Email.

Occasionally, we will get a call from a client stating that his email messages are disappearing suddenly from his in-box when he opens them. If this happens to you, there is no cause for panic! just look into one of the following options:

1) Outlook users can navigate to View > Current View and make sure that the Unread Messages option is not checked.

Free! – Online File Hosting.

Personal file-sharing sites like megaupload and yousendit are still heavily used these days, but I am always keeping an ear to the ground for anything that breaks the mold and offers something new. has been around for quite some time, but they have completely re-modeled in the last six months and added many great new features.

Cool Stuff – The New Lenovo Thinkpad T400s.

The new T400s by Lenovo
recently received an “Editors’ Choice” award from Laptop
Magazineand earned a claim that
the 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo and solid state drive make the machine a record-breaker.
The magazine’s article states, “On PCMark Vantage, the T400s scored
the highest we’ve ever seen on any laptop we’ve tested, and almost 3,000
points above the category average for thin-and-light notebooks.

Tips and Tricks – Editing Subject Lines in Outlook.

Have you ever been part of an email chain
that goes back and forth so long that the subject of the message no longer
matches the topic being discussed? Someone you are talking about yesterday's
conference call with might throw in, "Oh, by the way, my return flight
number is 191..." and all of a sudden you have important information
with the subject line of "Re: Yesterday's Call.

IT Talk – Switching IT Providers

So, you've decided that it is time for a change of IT providers.

Some of the most important questions we answer when meeting a prospective client read something like, "How and when should we go about notifying our old provider, and what if he gets mad and retaliates?" Or, "With all of the intricacies of our business and information systems, how difficult is the process of getting Dependable Computer Guys up to speed with the way our company works?" Rest assured, these questions come up with every new client, and we have a system in place to address these issues in a way that makes the transition smooth and safe for our clients.