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Security Corner – Internet Fraud

Five easy ways to protect your business
from internet fraud.

Many internet hackers prey upon users
who are too complacent or just too busy to keep their guard up. However,
if you do nothing else to protect yourself from online fraud, at least
take care of these simple measures:

1. Install anti-virus software and anti-adware/spyware

Free! – OpenOffice

The frugal alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft plans to release its new version of Office this year—with a price tag of $399 for the suite. Most users will either pay for the upgrade, or keep plugging along with the older version.

But there’s a third option, and it’s free.

Security Corner – Is Your WiFi Secure?

Upgrade to the latest in WiFi security.

If your wireless access point (WAP) is more than 6 months old, it is likely that your WiFi connection is not secure.

It’s easy to breach the original Wireless Protected Access (WPA) standard unless you have a super password with more than 21 characters and words that can’t be found in a dictionary.