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Stopping the Widows Vista Indexer.

Brent - How do I prevent Vista's Indexer from constantly hindering my system performance as it catalogs my hard drive contents?

Windows Vista does a lot of things that make us scratch our heads; the Indexer is one of them. The best fix for this comes in two parts:

Your first step would be to disable the Vista service altogether.

No-Hassle Encryption For Your Folders and Disks

Whether you use a computer at home or work, you probably have a few files for your eyes only. TrueCrypt is a great tool that provides the average user with an advanced file security system. Complete with a beginner's guild walk-through to set up your secure "Volume," this simple, free utility displays all contents within to only those with the master password; others who stumble upon it will find only a single file that displays jumbled up text if clicked on.

“Patch Doctor” Added To the Growing St. Bernard Managed Care List of Features.

We have increased our patch deployment engine's functionality by adding a new feature, Patch Doctor, to the St. Bernard Managed Care desktop software. Patch Doctor runs system checks in the background and performs the following tasks:

Patch assessments
Patch deployments
Patch failure analysis
Patch failure remediation
Patch reporting

While patch assessments and deployments were part of the existing patch engine, Patch Doctor adds the ability to capture patch failure errors and apply fixes.

NOW AVAILABLE Cool Stuff – Unchained Melodies with the Logitech Wireless DJ

Logitech Wireless DJ Music System lets you stream music from your PC to your stereo

If you want to play music without being tied to your PC, Logitech’s Wireless DJ Music System could be the answer. The system features an intuitive remote control that works with a USB transmitter that plugs into your PC. The transmitter sends the tunes to a receiver plugged into your home stereo, so you don’t have to be at your computer
or your stereo to access your digital music library.