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Tips and Tricks – Making Vista UAC Less Annoying.

If you are a Windows Vista user, you
are probably used to the pop-up security
system that appears at nearly every actionable item from installing software
to changing the time on your system clock. Winability Software heard many
cries for help and developed a very small, efficient program called TweakUAC.

This FREE program, at only 85KB in size,
does not require installation of any kind and will provide you with a very
easy method (see image above) of turning the UAC on for all users, off
for all users or off for Administrators only.

Webroot E-Mail Security IT Talk – Business Continuity – Keeping mail up even when your mail server or internet connection is down.

Webroot E-Mail

E-mail is the most vital method of communication
for businesses around the globe and most companies cannot fully function
when e-mail is down. Increasingly, e-mail delivery systems strain under
the rampant influx of spam, viruses and other malicious threats which account
for 70% (or more) of daily traffic.

Cool Stuff – The Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote

With today's growing technology, how
many remotes are you keeping track of in your living room? Conservatively,
you may likely have one for the TV, the DVD Player, the DVR / Cable box
and maybe a CD changer. For the gadget-lovers, there are Xbox 360s, Apple
computers, remote-controlled A/V switchers and more! Most universal remotes
tend to work OK for basic functions like power, volume and channel changing,
but the Logitech Harmony 670 Advanced Universal Remote works great for
even the most advanced devices.