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It’s Free – Claim your Cash

Scams for free money abound on the internet. If you fill out this "survey" or take this "test", you'll be instantly rewarded. Most of these turn out to be too good to be true or have costly strings attached. It turns out there really is a place to get free money and it's called MissingMoney.

Cool Stuff – Samsung Dual Screen Camera

Besides the camera’s revolutionary front screen it also has several other great features as well. The back LCD is a touch screen, affording you effortless navigation of your photos and camera’s settings. It also can frame shots for you when you want to hand the camera to someone else, allowing your pictures to fit your vision, even when you aren’t holding the camera.

Security Corner – Windows Updates

Windows updates can be frustrating and confusing. They are constantly being released and it is difficult to tell the difference between the ones that are really essential and the ones that are just going to take up space on your hard drive. Microsoft marks the updates according to importance and we give a rundown of each below.

Cool Stuff – Droid X

It was only 8 months ago that Motorola released the original Droid, a phone that was considered to be a true contender with the iPhone. Now they have done it again with another leap in technology, the Droid X. The X boasts a much larger screen than its predecessor as well as several other new features.