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Cool Stuff – Droid X

It was only 8 months ago that Motorola released the original Droid, a phone that was considered to be a true contender with the iPhone. Now they have done it again with another leap in technology, the Droid X. The X boasts a much larger screen than its predecessor as well as several other new features.

It’s Free – Google’s Chrome Browser

The browser wars are heating up, with new entries recently from all of the major competitors. Although Internet Explorer, perennial behemoth, still has a sizeable lead with over 60% of the browser market, its smaller rivals are gaining fast. Firefox has 24% market share and Chrome has 7%, whereas only a few years ago IE had over 90%.

The claim for speed has always been one that the smaller browsers have made, starting with Safari and then Chrome.

Cool Stuff – Wolfram Alpha

Check out a demo of this cool new search engine here. When most of us want something from the internet we simply type into Google a search phrase. It then returns thousands, often millions of results. Even Google doesn't think you'll want to sift through all of their results, they only give you access to the first 1000 or so results.