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The FREE iPhone 3.0 Update!

As you may know, Apple released it's
3.0 firmware update just two days ago. The new features not only please
the millions of current iPhone customers, but disarm the opposition by
taking most of the last valid arguments AGAINST owning an iPhone they have
left! In all seriousness, the reviews have been very positive over the
new features which include an improved calendar, enhanced stock application
and the addition of a voice recorder (one of my personal favorites). Below
is a condensed list of major additions, improvements and changes reported
on the Apple

Cut / Copy / Paste: Quickly and
easily cut, copy and paste text from application to application.

Tips and Tricks – Comparing Word Documents.

If your organization has a document library of any kind that shares documents for reading and editing, it can become hard to find out where the last changes were made and if anything was omitted completely. There is a tool called track changes that helps, but people forget to use it in the same way they forgot to turn on auto-save before a big computer crash.

Tips and Tricks – Avoid Word Documents Spilling Onto Another Page

I’d like to take a minute to share a really handy tip for all of you Microsoft Word users. Have you ever been working on a document (resume, research assignment, business proposal etc.) and what you wrote just barely spills over to another page? Not only is having a nearly blank page at the end of your document unprofessional looking, it wastes paper! Extending your margins can only get you so far and adjusting your paragraph / header spacing doesn’t always cut it either.

Windows 7 Release Date Announced!

Three months ago, we mentioned in an article that Windows 7 was in the works; an official announcement has been made regarding its release date, so we are coming back to provide you with an update. Microsoft is projecting that the new operating system will hit retailers on October 22nd both in box form and pre-loaded on PC systems for sale.