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The Ring's Power

There was enough road for Brent to drive to his job delivering IT services in Los Angeles, even after the quake. Gingerly, he drove around the shattered part of the mountain and road and looked forward to telling his coworkers of his acquisition. But something dampened this enthusiasm— he wasn’t sure what. The end result was that even though Brent Whitfield had experienced something the likes of which only one in a billion people ever will, he decided to keep it all to himself. He would probably sound like a madman, except…

Except he had that ring. He could show his friends! But no, he would much rather get to understand it himself; maybe look online and see if there were any kind of information. And that is how he found himself suspending his duties providing IT services in Los Angeles in lieu of considering this ancient relic he had somehow been lucky enough to find.

It’s only natural that Brent would try the ring on. It had been on the left ring finger of the giant and was much too large for him, but like a child with a new toy, Brent didn’t care. When he pulled it over his finger, it sized itself to fit his hand… and for a moment, Brent jerked in surprise, but then suddenly, the world changed.

His hand disappeared— somehow Brent had become invisible! It was like something out of Lord of the Rings! Maybe Tolkien had undergone a similar experience and thus wrote his masterpiece! But no, that didn’t make sense; Tolkien wasn’t from California and they didn’t have earthquakes in Britain! Did they? Brent wasn’t sure.

Oh, for crying out loud, what was he doing? He’d just found a ring on the finger of a giant in some futuristic coffin thing and it had turned him invisible, like Frodo, but with no eye of Sauron— at least not yet!


What good was staying in the office? He had to go to the main floor and try this thing out! Maybe he could hear people talking about him, maybe he could figure out a way to get that next promotion or— hold on a moment! There was an idea! What if Brent could discover the secrets of the competition, enabling his company, DCG Technical Solutions, to provide better IT services in Los Angeles than anyone else? DCG already provided exceptional managed IT services, including:

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Server Co-Location
  • VoIP Upgrades
  • Proactive Monitoring and Support

…and the list went on! What if Brent could find out if there were other similar organizations providing similar services, discover what they did best, and bring that to the company? He didn’t have to steal any secrets; he just had to see what they were doing better, or less efficiently, than DCG. He could even help anticipate common problems of tech businesses before they cropped up for clients or management! This had the advantage of being straightforward, as well as effective, and would likely help Brent and the company succeed!

Realistic Action

There wasn’t anything to do immediately, and Brent realized he’d have to carefully consider his next move, even spying on competition may have unexpected consequences. Not immediately exploring potentialities would be difficult, but wiser. Brent reluctantly removed the ring… and was visible again.