Why am I getting these pop-ups?

Annoying pop-ups are a sign that spyware, virus, or other malware has infected your computer. The other indications that your system has been compromised include “funny looking” search screens and browser redirects to web-sites you are not expecting. Besides causing your PC to run very slow, it is important to get help right away since you may be infected with a key-logger capable of discovering your secret passwords.

Can I Use Carbonite or Mozy to Backup My Data?

Absolutely! We are big fans of the online backup services for personal documents. We think these solutions are great for remote PC’s and laptops that are not able to save their files to your Windows Small Business file server. So, for personal photos, itunes, and word/excel documents Carbonite and Mozy are terrific solutions.

With that said, the online solutions DO NOT meet “DCG Baseline for Server Backup” because of the following reasons

What is the “DCG Backup Baseline”, and how do I get there?

Everyone knows that without a good backup in place, your business risks complete data loss in the event of a server theft, fire, or other catastrophic event. Your business risks partial data loss if one of your users accidentally deletes files, or replaces new versions of files with old ones.

Will my servers shut down automatically?

… for the servers to come back on after the power is restored, the software needs to be configured to do this. In addition to proper software configuration, most server brands like Dell and IBM require that the Bios be configured to “turn on” when power is sensed. If this is not done, you or your end users will need to manually turn on your servers after a power outage and that costs time and money…so it is best to let DCG configure your servers on our initial site visit to be ready before, during and after a power outage.

How do I know my backups are running?

We all know, "If it is not backed up, then you can't get it back!" Unfortunately, on our initial site audits over the years, a large number of new clients, who thought they were getting backups, were not. During our initial "DCG Baseline audit" we compare your volume sizes to the actual backup size and often find that critical files are not making it on the tape.

How many hours a week will it take to manage my network?

he hours utilized at a given client site is carefully tracked at DCG. Over time, DCG shares with our clients the DCG Efficiency Target ™ for their site. The Efficiency Target ™ metric is how we confirm that our actual hours match up with the amount our client has budgeted. To learn more about how we use the DCG Efficiency Target to work within you budget, ask for a free walk-through and we will help you understand how it works.

What is the Best Anti-Virus Solution?

What was great a couple of years ago is not great today. Over the years we have deployed Symantec, Trend, AVG, Bit Defender, McAfee , Sunbelt and several others. We require that our clients AV solution have a “small foot print” meaning it won’t slow your machine down, and it must be able to catch the current threats.