Why does my Internet keep going down?

Small Businesses rely, more than ever, on fast, reliable internet connections. In fact, one of the reasons many new clients quit their old IT service company and sign up with Dependable Computer Guys, is to get help with problematic internet connections. During DCG’s initial site audit, we set up monitors on your internet connection that give us visibility to your providers “central office” equipment, your modem, and your firewall…

IT Talk – Switching IT Providers

So, you've decided that it is time for a change of IT providers.

Some of the most important questions we answer when meeting a prospective client read something like, "How and when should we go about notifying our old provider, and what if he gets mad and retaliates?" Or, "With all of the intricacies of our business and information systems, how difficult is the process of getting Dependable Computer Guys up to speed with the way our company works?" Rest assured, these questions come up with every new client, and we have a system in place to address these issues in a way that makes the transition smooth and safe for our clients.