Gazelle – Get Easy Cash for Your Old Gadgets!

If you're anything like the average Americanconsumer, you have a few gadgets lying around the house that have been replaced by a new model - or maybe you just don't use them anymore. Gazelle is a new service that will actually pay you for your old stuff!

Head over to their website and type in the model name of your old cell phone, camera or camcorder, GPS device, video game console (or old games!), LCD monitor.

No-Hassle Encryption For Your Folders and Disks

Whether you use a computer at home or work, you probably have a few files for your eyes only. TrueCrypt is a great tool that provides the average user with an advanced file security system. Complete with a beginner's guild walk-through to set up your secure "Volume," this simple, free utility displays all contents within to only those with the master password; others who stumble upon it will find only a single file that displays jumbled up text if clicked on.

Free! – OpenOffice

The frugal alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft plans to release its new version of Office this year—with a price tag of $399 for the suite. Most users will either pay for the upgrade, or keep plugging along with the older version.

But there’s a third option, and it’s free.