COOL STUFF – Size Matters with the iPhone 6

COOL STUFF – Size Matters with the iPhone 6

In September, Apple gave iPhone users a lot to think about: Should they go big (both size- and cost-wise) and buy the new iPhone 6? What about the even bigger 6 Plus? Or should they stay small (again, both size- and cost-wise) and go with the 5c or 5s?

Consider these when deciding on whether or not to buy the iPhone 6. Depending on the user, some can be viewed as pros or cons:

Larger screens with higher-resolution displays (the 6 has a 4.7” screen; the 6 Plus has a 5.5” screen)
Faster processing power and graphics
Longer battery life
More storage for same price
Apple’s new “Apple Pay,” which allows you to pay for products and services using the 6’s TouchID fingerprint sensor, eliminating the need to carry your Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards (the jury’s out on whether this system is fully secure.

Cool Stuff – Ford’s Hybrid. Who Knew?

Ford has come full circle, falling back into popularity among drivers both old and young thanks to a slew of new models, particularly its 2013 plug-in hybrid Fusion Energi.

One of our own DCG engineers drives the mid size Fusion Energi and reports that he drives a little more than 30 miles (or 4.5 hours) on a single battery charge, which costs him only $1.70 per day for the charge.