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Is cloud computing right for you and your business? DCG Technical Solutions can help you decide if a hybrid cloud computing is right for you and your business. DCG is the premier, hybrid cloud provider in Los Angeles, CA with data centers in downtown Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada. Give us a call at 213-261-3998, or click here for a free, no-pressure, no-obligation cloud readiness analysis. We'll assess your present circumstances and provide straightforward, insightful advice about and realistic options for moving to the cloud. Any questions you may have will be answered in detail as we candidly cover the pros and cons of moving to the cloud.

A message from the CEO

It's become a multi-cloud world seemingly overnight. And no matter how you got here, there is one universal truth: Managing multiple clouds is tough.

So, what's the best way to manage multiple clouds? Do you hire your own teams of specialized engineers? Should you rely on multiple outside vendors?

What if a single vendor could provide certified expertise and end-to-end support for all the leading cloud platforms?

DCG offers managed cloud services for Microsoft® Azure®, Amazon Web Services and hybrid solutions in the DCG PrivateCLOUDTM — a cloud platform we developed in response to our clients specialized security needs. We've helped security and reliability conscious clients tap into the full promise of the cloud. Chances are, whatever you want to do in the world of multi-cloud, we've already done it.



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Discover DCG's Enhanced Hosted Services

DCG has enhanced its co-location and web hosting infrastructure with the DCG PrivateCLOUDTM server hosting platform, giving its clients heightened scalability and ease of deployment in the cloud with the security and performance of local, dedicated server hardware. With the help of the DCG expert hybrid cloud integration team, DCG clients can seamlessly integrate their existing networks with the DCG PrivateCLOUDTM.

DCG's PrivateCLOUDTM server hosting platform enables clients to run on the latest hardware, software, backup and security solutions without the steep costs of purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software in house. They enjoy these advantages without the hassle and unexpected expenses associated with powering, maintaining, and supporting their own server infrastructure. Getting in the cloud lowers total cost of ownership while allowing their business to scale up or down as needed. DCG allows clients to move mission critical applications off from old, slow, aging infrastructure on to our powerful and scalable, on-when-you-need-it PrivateCLOUDTM platform.

The PrivateCLOUDTM solution is paid for incrementally, eliminating the hefty costs of the outright purchase and maintenance of hardware. Furthermore, cloud applications are proving more reliable than locally hosted servers, and more data can be stored in the cloud than on private server systems. PrivateCLOUDTM gives more mobility to employees, allowing them to use any device, anywhere, to access their offline applications.

As a bonus, we'll send you a FREE copy of Nicholas Carr's best-selling book "The Big Switch" if you call us to schedule your assessment. "The Big Switch" discusses the massive technological revolution that is underway and what it means to businesses like yours.

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The team at DCG Technical Solutions is readily available to show how Los Angeles based businesses can use the Cloud to move your business forward. Trust DCG to balance traditional architecture with the evolving hybrid cloud solutions that offer so much more reliability and flexibility. Our free assessment will give you the answers you need.

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. is a Hybrid Cloud hosting company serving greater Los Angeles County with a generous range of network and Internet support services since 1993.



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