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Microsoft Office 365

DCG Technical Solutions sets up businesses big and small on Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-hosted do-it-all productivity suite.

Enjoy business-class email with real-time syncing; stay productive with anywhere, anytime access; and do away with complex software licensing rules, all with one powerful teamwork tool.


Office 365 resides in the cloud, so you’ll be working with the most stable and secure version of Microsoft Outlook -- the email program you rely on to organize your daily business communications -- with the added advantage of anytime-access to your inbox, contact list, and calendars from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

The features and benefits are many, and include:

  • Mailboxes with massive storage capacity
  • Simple scalability that makes adding users easy
  • Emails and attachments accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Robust security for ad-free inboxes and safety from viruses
  • Easy options for administrators to manage accounts and customize scripts

There are numerous benefits for businesses, too:

  • Customize your messages’ formats and even add images
  • Use your company’s domain name to build up your brand
  • Utilize advanced archiving for enhanced security and compliance

Office Suite:

Office 365 doesn’t just deliver Outlook from the cloud. You’ll also get cloud-based editions of productivity mainstays Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to process your daily workflow, plus:

Skype for Business - Cohesive communication between stakeholders is one of the keys to success, and Skype for Business makes it possible. Cloud-based VoIP telephony, stable video conferences, and efficient instant-messaging allow for seamless cooperation and participation.

OneDrive - This state-of-the-art cloud storage solution gives you a completely secure, systematized repository for your files that users can conveniently access from anywhere via their web browser.

SharePoint - For projects involving reams of documents and input from several different departments, SharePoint empowers your team with the ability to collaborate on content, view company-wide activities and progress, and live-edit documents, with ease.

But if an Email Only plan is more appropriate for your company, DCG Technical Solutions can deliver, ensuring you receive the right business-class email solution to make your electronic communications coordinated and efficient.



The sky's the limit

Let our cloud services take you there

DCG Technical Solutions, LCC can help you decide if a hybrid cloud computing is right for you and your business. We are the premier, hybrid cloud provider in Los Angeles, CA with data centers in downtown Los Angeles, CA and Las Vegas, Nevada. Give us a call for a free, no-pressure, no-obligation cloud readiness analysis. We'll assess your present circumstances and provide straightforward, insightful advice about realistic options for moving to the cloud. Any questions you may have will be answered in detail as we candidly cover the pros and cons of moving to the cloud.
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DCG Technical Solutions, LCC provides highly-available and cost-effective Application Management and IT Infrastructure Hosting for your business applications and technology investments. We offer cost-effective solutions designed to grow with you, including rapid infrastructure deployment, a complete suite of related IT services, and global capabilities. From high-available data center space to storage, server and operation system management, DCG Technical Solutions can offer a wide array of options to address your specific hosting needs.
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An increasing number of websites are now turning to "dynamic" content: content which changes according to a user's specific needs or behavior. Many of these sites are driven by databases and set up so that the database actually constructs the web page according to the data the user requested. Some of today's most popular web sites--Amazon.com and most search engines, for instance--use this technology to provide the most up-to-date information to the user.
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In addition to ongoing maintenance of your network support in Los Angeles, we also provide email hosting. Our network operations center provides built-in redundancy, scalability, and high and width connections for around the lock reliability. DCG Technical Solutions customers enjoy 99% uptime and direct access to live support during business hours. No voicemail, just fast, friendly support. We offer expert network support int Los Angeles and the greater area. Ask us about our Business Class mail accounts, featuring unlimited attachment size options along with anti-spam and anti-virus filters.
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The growth of spam has become staggering and your small business deserves protection against this avalanche of unwanted email from its computer network systems. The impact on your business can be severe, causing email downtime, and lost productivity. But don't worry, help is on the way! DCG Technical Solutions is an expert computer network systems firm. You get fast professional help.
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