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Turn to DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. for help linking your site to product databases or information databases. We are network support outsourcing specialists.

An increasing number of web sites are now turning to "dynamic" content: content which changes according to a user's specific needs or behavior. Many of these sites are driven by databases and set up so that the database actually constructs the web page according to the data the user requested. Some of today's most popular web and most search engines, for instance--use this technology to provide the most up-to-date information to the user. Internet technology and network support outsourcing.

Best of all, your employees can update the site's content without any programming knowledge.


Connecting your web site to a database can be a time-consuming and code-intensive project. Often it requires knowledge of a programming or scripting language. Because of the amount of code required, database-driven sites have traditionally involved coding pages in straight HTML, with all of the attendant difficulties in design and maintenance.

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. specializes in several technologies to make it easier for you to connect your web site to a database, even if you don't know HTML. DCG offers expert network support outsourcing. Moreover, our solutions will allow you to continue to design great-looking pages or page templates and populate them with data drawn from a database. DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. currently offers consulting and training in two of these connector products: the Allaire Cold Fusion connector and the Lotus Domino connector.

If you're interested in more information on quickly and easily making your web site dynamic, please call (818) 952-9195, (213) 261-3998, (626) 689-2215 or register online.