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Mobile technology plays a huge part in daily business. We have at our fingertips enhanced productivity, immediate access to data and apps, and the ability to co-function with others at remote locations. However, things can get tricky when managing the flow of communications to and from these devices.

That’s where a Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategy can help. MDM acts as a box with compartments that that help your employees separate work from play on their smart phones and tablets while keeping business info secure and protected. If employees lose their smartphone, anyone who finds it can possibly download sensitive information from the phone’s mailbox. Worse: The device can be hacked.

There are some powerful MDM solutions out there that are easy-to-use and let you control which business apps and data your employees can access from their mobile devices. Features like app restricting, geo fencing, and remote wipe are important in a solution, as they help limit access based on location, immediately clear a device of all data in the event of a theft or breach, and ensure data being accessed from these devices stays secure.

Talk to your local IT guy or managed service provider to deploy the right MDM solution. DCG Technical Solutions uses IBM-owned MaaS360, which is an enterprise MDM solution that secures and manages mobile devices, apps and content. We evaluated several solutions and found IBM’s MaaS360 to be the most robust and “mature” of the products we looked at, so we recommend it to our clients. Google “MaaS360” to read more about it.