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Cool Stuff – Apple iPod Touch: The Best iPod Yet!

By December 18, 2007No Comments2 min read

In our previous newsletter, we featured the Apple iPhone; however, we still don’t recommend it for your business due to its lack of Enterprise connectors to Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino.

In the meantime, if you want the breakthrough features of the iPhone, but you want to listen to music without buying new cell phone service, Apple’s new iPod touch is your solution. It has most of the innovation that makes the iPhone great-minus the phone.

This might be one of the best portable media players in existence.

If you’ve never tried the Cover Flow user interface of both the iPhone and iPod touch, you won’t believe it! The easy, intuitive features include treats such as tunes that appear on album-like icons. You can sort through music as if you were thumbing through an old collection of vinyl records.

The iPod touch comes equipped with a Wi-Fi version of the iTunes Music Store, so you can buy music on the run.

There’s more to this than mere convenience. Apple has an agreement with Starbucks allowing you to instantly buy the music you hear while you’re sipping your latte.

If there’s a significant flaw to the iPod touch, it’s the earbuds. Big deal. Just replace them and you’ll have the sound quality this device deserves. Despite the flimsy headset, the iPod touch is an overall winner.

We’ll let you discover some of the new features on your own, but here’s one example you should know about. You can access your music instantly by double- clicking the touch’s single button. This makes the music controls appear over whatever screen you’re currently viewing. You’ll have the best in entertainment at your fingertips.

If you’re used to the original iPod, you’ll see that this one is a bit thinner and shorter, and just a tiny bit wider. As usual, Apple scores high on the physical beauty of their latest product. It’s a pleasure just to hold the iPod touch in your hand, let alone enjoy music and videos with it.

The iPod touch retails around $300-$400, and you can check it out here.