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Bigger, better, and heartier bandwidth is on the wish list of every computer user and, especially, business owner. Replacing old Wi-Fi with a more robust system is a necessity by today’s technological standards in order have a completely reliable Enterprise Wi-Fi experience.

One option is through Ruckus Wireless’ ZoneFlex R600. This Enterprise Wi-Fi solution dishes out high performance and is great for establishments using up to 60 devices simultaneously connected, like businesses, K-12 classrooms and college campus networks. DCG provides a cloud based enterprise controller, which is why our Ruckus deployments work so well and can support hundreds of devices, unlike the 10-or-so devices supported in a home or small office. It’s rather pricey at $749, but worth every penny because, simply put, it works. With everyone showing up to work with multiple devices, and laptops that ship without wired connections (such as Lenovo and Apple), having robust Wi-Fi is a necessity, not a luxury anymore.

I don’t know of any other synchronal, dual-band indoor and outdoor 802.11ac wireless access points out there that unify patented beam forming BeamFlex+ technology for optimal performance and interference relief, and ChannelFly channel management technology for predictive channel selection based on real-time capacity analysis of all RF channels.

Ruckus Wireless’ expansion of products makes it worth a look. Many positive reviews are garnering the ZoneFlex R600 a lot of attention. Check it out at