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Cool Stuff – The Logitech Harmony 670 Universal Remote

By November 22, 2008No Comments1 min read

With today’s growing technology, how many remotes are you keeping track of in your living room? Conservatively, you may likely have one for the TV, the DVD Player, the DVR / Cable box and maybe a CD changer. For the gadget-lovers, there are Xbox 360s, Apple computers, remote-controlled A/V switchers and more! Most universal remotes tend to work OK for basic functions like power, volume and channel changing, but the Logitech Harmony 670 Advanced Universal Remote works great for even the most advanced devices. If you are comfortable plugging it into your computer to set up the programming, this remote will individually control all of your brand-name entertainment electronics with access to all menus and settings on each. You can even program color-coded action buttons such as “Watch Movie” that will change the input of your television, power on your DVD Player and sound system and even start playing the movie with the touch of one button! The remote comes complete with a “help” button so that anybody in the family will be able to configure it.