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Cybersecurity is the thorn in the flesh for many businesses today. The threats that have increased in occurrence and sophistication come not just from outside but within as well. Attaining a cyber-secure posture is an intricate task that requires IT support in Pasadena, given that cybercrime is a thriving business in the dark web and other veiled quarters. Staying informed on data breaches and other attacks may help you better prepare and fortify your systems.

Eye-Opening Cyber-Attack Statistics 2020

A 2019 report found that many companies have no robust access authentications to prevent unauthorized access to files by individuals within the company.

End-user risk awareness should be important since people are the weakest link in any cybersecurity chain. Human errors cause 90% of cyber-attacks within organizations.

Web applications remain significantly vulnerable. A 2015 Trustwave Report shows that 98% of web applications had no protections in place.

Data breaches are getting costly. In 2019, IBM reported that the cost of data breaches around the world was $3.92 million, a steep climb from 2014’s $3.5 million

By the end of 2020, analysts predict that the cost of data breaches for a single business would be more than $150 million. The rise can be expected, they say, from the increased digitization and connectivity of business infrastructure.

PWC in a 2015 survey commissioned by the UK government showed that 90% of big corporates and 74% of SMBs agonize over security breaches.

4.1 billion records had been exposed by the first half of 2019. 28% of these breaches involved malware, 33% phishing and social engineering, and 52% hacking. The right IT support provider in Pasadena can help you implement protection measures against such attacks.

More than 20% of companies are affected by Cryptojacking Malware every week. Cryptojacking is a new age attack that involves illegally using someone’s computing power to generate cryptocurrency. The attackers often install malware or run some JavaScript codes on your browser to take the cover of your computing resources.

Using an antivirus alone does not guarantee safety from cyber-attacks. The Ponemon Institute reports that antivirus software can only shield 43% of cyber threats.

Cyber threat actors are continuously inventing new types of attacks and increasing efficiency and sophistication. The cyber-physical domain is now a target for threat actors, CSO reports that 61% of companies have experienced an IoT incident.

These statistics show that cyber threat actors are unrelenting in their intent to corrupt, ransom, or steal your company’s data. They are constantly investing in new attack capabilities. Unfortunately, most companies have not advanced their cybersecurity protections. Their systems, therefore, remain vulnerable to evolved attacks.

At DCG Technical Solutions, we have the state-of-the-art resources and expertise to help your business stay safe from the new cyber-attacks. Let’s worry about protecting your cloud, network, and mobile infrastructure so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us now for the most advanced IT support in Pasadena.