We monitor what cyber criminals are selling so
you can stop stolen data from spreading

The best place to regain control over a data breach is at its source

Most illegal activity that takes place online happens on the “Dark Web,” which is similar to the internet most of us use but with an added layer of anonymity. The Dark Web can only be accessed with a special browser that encrypts and conceals traffic so it can’t be tracked, making it the ideal place for wrongdoers to wheel and deal.

By using the same tactics online criminals use to maintain anonymity, DCG Technical Solutions is able to infiltrate the Dark Web and look for information that could save you thousands of dollars.

For example, we might find someone selling ransomware that targets a piece of software you use. Or, if your data has been put up for sale, we can help you react immediately to limit financial losses and prevent similar breaches.

DCG Featured in Pen Test Magazine


Businesses Should Outsource Security To Their IaaS Provider

by Brent Whitfield, CEO DCG Technical Solutions, LCC

Dark Web Monitoring from DCG Technical Solutions includes:

  • Real-time alerts

    we notify you the moment we find your data on the Dark Web

  • Tracking and reporting

    we monitor how far stolen data has spread so you can react accordingly

  • Threat forecasting

    we look for trends and discussions that portend an attack on your business

  • Business associate monitoring

    we watch out for your partner’s data because if they’ve been breached, you probably have as well

  • Customer relationships

    we help you disclose the discovery of stolen data to your customers so they can act quickly


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